The Epics of Uuruk is an epic fantasy book series created by G.A.A. Deadwick. In it are various magical lands, whimsical items, incredible powers, and curious creatures and peoples. Deadwick has created over one million words of lore on this series, and he anticipates releasing a myriad of volumes in the future.

Deadwick notes that simply calling The Epics of Uuruk a novel series can be unfair to the entity. He refers to Urk (the planet in the universe of Uuruk) as an “entire world,” a place where there are systems of living, unique ways of speech, various defined yet relatable cultures, and detailed systematic processes for the seemingly unpredictable force of Magic. In this manner, Deadwick feels that the world of Urk is just as alive as ours.

The maps drawing the world of Urk reveal the planet to be a bit larger than Earth in square mileage, and, with the help of other cartographers, Deadwick plans on sketching every continent and island in detail. If Deadwick has his way, Urk will become a vast world for others to explore in their own games, novels, and other media.

Learn more about the lore of The Epics of Uuruk from one of Deadwick’s many fascinating lore videos at the series’s official YouTube Channel: