Book 1: A Harlot and a Hero

The Prophecy of Spellborn: A Harlot and a Hero is the first installment of The Prophecy of Spellborn in The Epics of Uuruk. The core of the story follows the journey of a harlot named Snow Riverstrong who undertakes the unexpected task of saving the world of Urk from a foe of the most wicked kind. A black cloud known as The Harbinger threatens to eradicate every Urken from existence, and it is Snow’s duty, and the duty of seven others, to defeat the beast before it consumes their beloved lands.

Meanwhile, a little Grunhare, an upright talking hare, is adamant on leaving his homeland in effort to escape the destruction of The Harbinger. Little does he know that he, too, is focal in the battle against evil.

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